Dardo (forster home switzerland)

The Strong One


Name: Dardo

Sex: Male

Breed: Mixed

Born: 01.05.2013

Shoulder height: 65cm

Weight: 29 kg

Castrated: Yes

Health issues: No

MMK Test: negative

Ready for Adoption: -

Sponsored by: Tamara C.

His Story

Dardo was rescued by APAD, along with his brother Dylan, at the age of 12 weeks.  Unfortunately, he didn’t find a forever home quickly, as he was very shy.  Eventually, Dardo was able to find a foster home in Spain, which helped him to develop his social skills.  This was a great opportunity for him and he blossomed in the foster home environment.  The foster home could only have him for a while, but he was very lucky to have found a 2nd foster home in Switzerland! 


Dardo is a special dog.  His self-confidence needs work with a patient person, and he has so much love to give.  He now handles situations much better and with tolerance he has been able to build.  The most wonderful thing about Dardo is that he gets along with every single dog he meets.  He doesn’t display aggressive tendencies, which makes him a very easy boy to have.  Dardo really wants to live out his golden years peacefully.  He walks perfectly on leash and is happy to take part in all activities.  He lives in his current foster home with children and cats.