Nayra (Reserved)

The Attentive One


Name: Nayra

Sex: Female

Breed: Mixed

Born: 14.09.2017

Shoulder height: 54cm

Weight: 25kg

Castrated: Yes

Health issues: No

MMK Test: -

Ready for Adoption: 01.10.2020

Sponsored by: Karin & Sonja

Her Story

Nayra lived with Thor and her 6 puppies on an abandoned property.  The owner was overwhelmed with so many dogs, and simply left them there alone and uncared for.  The puppies are being cared for and will be adopted out, and the owner decided to let us care for Nayra and Thor.  Nayra is pure joy and loves human contact and cuddling.  She doesn’t have any negative effects from her past, and would be so happy in a forever home with a loving family.